Sunday, March 7, 2010

March - a time for new beginnings

SKA on Ravelry has a mystery sock this month. This is what clue 1 looks like. I have started the second sock clue 1. The cotton yarn has great stitch definition, helped by all the twisted stitches.

Another Ravelry group I belong to is Project Yarnway. It started in February where the challenge was to use stash yarn. My Olympic socks worked for that challenge. This month the theme is Innovation. The project can only contain 20% yarn. The rest must be something sold for some other purpose. My materials are olive green rayon seam binding and black tape of the kind used for hanger loops in garment shoulders. I'm knitting a scarf. This stuff is hard to knit with as it has no give. I don't know how long I'll make the scarf. There is lots of material to work with. The tape has #00 yards, number is unreadable. The seam binding started with 100 yds.

The blue socks have been on my to-do list since 2003. I bought the yarn and pattern on a trip to Washington state to see my sister. I was able to fit them into this month's SKA lace challenge. The pattern is called Walking Away. The lace is down the back of the sock. The front is 1x1 ribbing. The foot is stockinette with a round toe.


debi's place said...

Gotta ask?...where in our beautiful state did you visit? I live right up by the Canadian border by water.

Lorraine said...

My sister lives in Vancouver, WA, a subur4b of Portland, Or. The shop we visited is called It's a Crewel world in Washougal, WA. Ravelry told me the city when I remembered the name of the shop