Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 12/12/12: Pretties!

I started this shawl in March and got a bit bored with it so I put it down. Now I've finished it for April!  It's called the Gothic Revival Shawl and I shared out my Ravelry project page: http://ravel.me/Calophi/grs

This was mystery wool and I used two skeins of it. I only have a few yards left - probably enough to make a cat toy, but not much more than that. I figure the shawl used between 320-400 yards but I have no idea how much was actually in skeins. I weighed them at one point and compared to other worsted wools and figured it for 160-200 yards a skein.

I did the pattern with repeats as written, on size 10 needles.

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