Thursday, June 10, 2010

June 12/12/12 projects

This is my 3rd Land of Oz shawl and has been gifted to my friend who chose the color. The yarn is Cascade Heritage paints and it used almost the entire skein with enough left
for the stripe in Andrew's alpaca hat I made for his bald head due to chemo. I'm happy to say he wears it all the time. The camera washed out the colors and I hesitated to include 3 pics, but it is a wonderful pattern and I encourage you to knit it. Jacques Cousteau Hat available free on ravelry.

I also made 2 pairs of Aran bed socks. The first was going to be a gift and I somehow measured 1/2" short for my friend so I kept that pair for moi and made another pair for her. For a person with raging SSS, it took a lot of discipline to knit 4 matching socks in a row! It was fast pattern and I will make another pair for her in cotton for Christmas when it is hot here.

I made the Japanese Feather Stitch cowl for her birthday out of 5 ply alpaca using a free pattern designed by Gale Ulvang on ravelry which Cheryl kept on almost all weekend during her visit.

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