Monday, June 7, 2010

red frogs in the pond!

here are my tomato frogs!

ode to frogs and the pond
bugga in tomato frog

the pattern was modified to center the lace down the instep. i tweak my own patterns. is that sad or what?!


kadezmom said...

Lookie at that. Adrienne has a PAIR of matched finished socks. I'm sooooo impressed. Not to mention that they are gorgeous!

adrienne said...

don't let debi sway your opinion of me. i have been known to finish "REAL" pairs...and i match stripes and everything. =D

debi's place said...

Gee, I was gonna say a Pair. Wow I am impressed. They look my size, so maybe you should send them to me so I can inspect them to make sure you really knitted a pair and not an illusion.

Angie K said...

Wow! I am almost finished with something so I might have to dig through the pattern pile for this. :D I have some semisolids but I don't think that they will look as good as the Tomato Frog!