Saturday, November 6, 2010

daffodil finished and house shaped cloth started

I wanted to post the beginning of the house cloth started today after finishing the daffodil cloth. I will block it and post with the others when all are ready for a gift category entry, but thought you'd like to see the finished cloth since it is so pretty. I bought a peacock pattern today and have already started. What a surprise... :) These are certainly enabling the second sock syndrome to go into overdrive! But they are fun and I will be gifting them at Thanksgiving (I hope).
Both patterns available at Knitwits Heaven site.


Alli Barrett said...

Lovely knitting Tunie! I am quite partial to the House! lol


peacockmom said...

Yellow house on the needles soon, I think. I've decided to give this one to a friend who will join us at Thanksgiving and moving into their almost finished house the next day.

peacockmom said...

Meant to say on the other comment that the house pattern was the most fun to knit of all of them. Clever pattern and kept my attention which made it go even faster. Will make more of these for sure. :)