Friday, November 12, 2010

My 11th entry to the 12/12/12

Okay, that would have been cooler had I saved it for *next* month, but since I don't trust my memory….. Here's yet another pair of slipper boots. This is a folded cuff pair using 750 yds of knitpicks something yarn, again doubled. Yes, it's the same yarn with pics taken from the ever lovely camera phone. If anyone happens to know who ran off with the cord to my camera, I'd love to know where it went. Okay, I know the last person to touch it, but they claim innocence. (shocker!) However, isn't it amazing what a third light source will do? At any rate, otn is a shell top for me……which I hope you'll be seeing this year! I have *another* pair of slipper boots to make, but I'm taking a few days off. This pattern is starting to grind on my nerves a bit. Now, the question is "will Shelly actually have something to submit to the holiday kal?" -chuckles-

Hope everyone is well!

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adrienne said...

you ain't the only one with nothing to show for the holiday kal...i am not admitting anything here! LOL!