Tuesday, January 4, 2011

last day for 12 months/12 projects/12 balls of yarn and other things

today is the last day for you to post your december projects for the 2010 yearlong kal. we have 16 people who managed to finish at least one project/month! i think we know who may have won the most cpy projects contest! but there will be one other person who will have 12 more balls of yarn added to her stash very soon!

please check your name and make sure that i have given you the proper credit. the ** means that you are in the drawing for the grand prize!

congratulations to aj, angieK, bevL, brenda, calophi, deb, debi, jardin rouge, jill, jody, julieH, kadezmom, lois, lorraine, peacockmom, and yoyosocksister for completing the yearlong challenge! eta: and squeezing in at the very, very, last minute! ikkinlala! that makes 17 finishers! way to go! now to see about that prize drawing.

the 2011 primetime kal challenge is underway. if you're playing, please check that i have your name listed over on the sidebar.

we have a side mini kal planned. details soon!

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