Monday, March 14, 2011

Fulled March Prime Time

This was started as a fulled case to fit my laptop, in stockinette brioche, for the MeMeMe KAL. I could have pulled it out of the washer after one cycle, when it would have fit my laptop. But... I was overcome by the wool fumes. How small could it get, I wondered. It turns out, pretty small, and pretty stiff. It shrunk to a third of its original height and half of its original width. Yes, that little bag really started as over 300 yards of loosely spun wool. There is absolutely no sign of my seam. I stretched it out so I now have a cutting board cozy. It will probably fit my sister’s iPad, so isn't a MeMeMe contender. I've got more than enough of this wool left to try again, and maybe next time I won't go nuts with the fulling.

All the gory details are on Ravelry.

I'm rained-in right now, and have started playing with some lovely Monet Sausolito from Susan. It's dreamy. I've never enjoyed a swatch so much.

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Crystal Palace Yarns said...

That Sausalito "Monet" swatch is looking great - what's happening to it now?