Friday, March 18, 2011

Mochi Magic

Can you believe that this pile of Mini Mochi up above can become this....shawl?

This was a test knit. Pattern is not released yet. It will be a few days before I am ready to do cables again.


Crystal Palace Yarns said...

Debi, This is an amazing shawl!!
And in a single ply Mini Mochi makes it even more amazing.
Congratulations on a beautiful job!

Susan from CPY

debi's place said...

Thank You Susan. I love how the shawl turned out in Mini Mochi. It is so soft and the stitches show up so wonderful.

Kate said...

That's really very stunning.

YoYo SockSister said...

Love it.... unique!

tvanwormer said...

WOW..Just amazingly beautiful.

debi's place said...

Ahhhh......Thanks. I love it. It is so so soft.