Friday, April 15, 2011

2011 PRIME TIME KAL for April - tracy van wormer

Coming up Roses.....

It all started when I was visiting my Mother in law a few months ago. We went to every tea shop we could find....and quite a few coffee shops....looking for a tea cozy for her 87 year old friend. We never found I volunteered to make one for her.

There are quite a few styles for tea cozys. So i settled for the most traditional one I could find -- in a book called One Skein Wonder.

This is a fully lined cozy.

I used some Vanna Yarn from LBY, with roses and leaves with yarn left over from some other projects.
This cozy fits a Rockingham Tea Pot -- 6-8 cups. It is lined. It was really fun to make, and I am thinking of making another but instead of roses, maybe a birds nest with some birds!

So I finish up the teapot, but have only used about 220 yards. So I start knitting a matching tea-mat to fulfill the yardage requirement. Between the mat and some coasters, I should reach over 300. Then my daughter saw a photo of the pot and said -- "That would make a great hat -- but I want some pink roses, and some purple roses, and some hanging down things (pom-poms).
I ripped out the tea-mat....and started on a hat. Instead of the double seed stitch, I used a basketweave stitch pattern over 11 stitches--works for the 88 stitch cast on.
And my daughter was right....It did make a pretty cute hat! All in all, I think I used up at least 75 yards on this. -- total should be over 300.

project on Ravelry:


top of hat

making rose pom-pom

making roses

basket weave pattern
rose mess!!

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