Wednesday, April 13, 2011

KWTP Mini Mochi kids slouch hat

I had this yummy mini mochi baby face sitting on the shelf waiting. . . I had originally thought would be socks - but I am not that delicate with my socks so I had a change of plans. It was kind of a size experiment. . I have issues predicting head size. So this one goes to my youngest and I am going to do a smaller but longer one to give away. I used all of one skein minus a little lump which I made into a ball and threw in the basket oh balls at the top of the stairs.


JudyG said...

i love the little balls - can i ask what pattern you use for those?

ps nice hat too!

mostlymunchies said...

most of my original balls were using "squishies" out of Susan B Andersons Itty-Bitty Toys. . . this time I used a free pattern "oh balls" by Marcie Nishioka. I think they are pretty similar but for some reason the last one seemed easier to do w/o looking at the pattern.

JudyG said...

found the pattern - thank you! seems like a great way to use up those leftover yarn balls.