Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April Prime Time Project

Well, I managed to find a source for the Panda Cotton, even to the correct lot number. Thank you, Yarn Market. Once it arrived, the UFO March project got removed from the scanner and completed. This used up about half the third ball was used. If there is a pattern for a small hat, I may try one.
Since there was an order, of course it makes sense to go for free shipping, right? So now there are three balls of a variegated green to make a matching sweater for her sister. That will be May's project. And of course to make up the rest of the order, there is enough Panda Cotton in more traditionally masculine colors to make the husband more socks, to make up for not having this as socks. He was just as happy not to have these as socks. This is his gorilla, by the way. Tried to get him to hold the gorilla for pictures, but no luck.
Just got notice that his company is going out of business at the end of June. Son failed bar exam for the second time. Husband just lost his third tooth, roots and all - and COBRA dental just runs for about another year. But we haven't been flooded, nor has a tornado hit us, and the flowers are starting to bloom, so life is pretty good, all in all. Hope everyone else is doing at least as well, and preferably better.


tvanwormer said...

I hope things get better. Sounds like you have been trough a lot. Best of luck. --tracy

adrienne said...

oh, aj! what you have been through! ((big hugs))

i am so glad that you found the yarn to finish the sweater and of course, none of us would have wanted to pay for shipping! NOPE! makes sense to me!

i still can't believe that your hubs REALLY would have worn socks knit with those colors. LOL!