Monday, May 9, 2011

Coquille KAL -- Tracy Van Wormer

Coco isle?? Will this work? I am using Taos, 3 balls to work with. Needles: #9 & #13. How big will it get??

(I gave away my other coquille -- to someone who really loved it. I loved it I will have to
make another.)


Susan in Michigan said...

Oh - I have some Taos in my stash too. What a good idea! Love the colors.

tvanwormer said...

Susan---I am just past midway on my coquille, and I love it. The yarn is great. I used #10 & #13...mostly because I wanted it light and lofty. AI only made 3 of the larger gussets, and one of the largest gussets----mostly because I was afraid that it would become too large. I personally like something the size of an over-size scarf. These modifications look like it will be that size. I like this coquille better than the one I made out of sock yarn!