Monday, May 9, 2011

May entry - Prime Time

Progress pics:

Project: Drama of Scripture Scarf (click on the project to go to my Ravelry page and see pics of each square)
Cast on: 3/5/11
Finished: 5/5/11
Needles: US 4

This was a Lenten mystery scarf that I knit using my CPY sock yarn stash.
7 different clues came out each Saturday during Lent.

Clue 1: cactus Maizy
Clue 2: twig brown Panda Soy
Clue 3: royal purple Panda Cotton
Clue 4: buttercup tones Panda Silk
Clue 5: lacquer red Panda Cotton
Clue 6: sky blue Panda Soy
Clue 7: ivory Panda Cotton

eta: yardage estimate is at least 700 yards; probably more

-Cathy (n3tue)

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Susan in Michigan said...

Very cool Cathy! I saw this KAL too but forgot all about it during the winter. Nice job!