Tuesday, May 3, 2011

KWTP Hitch hiker

I frogged my Coquille since I totally failed at following the instructions and I'm using the yarn for this Hitch Hiker scarf which I know I will wear a lot. Very easy pattern and using Intense Rainbow mini mochi is always fun for me. So far, one skein used and I'm already thinking I will go beyond the 42 points suggested in the pattern to make it more of a shawlette. We'll see. This is a very easy pattern and I like the way the rainbow stripes work in it.


bellsisterdong said...

Love how that's coming out Tunie!! Nice photography/lighting too!!

Anonymous said...

Hi--this is nice! I am having trouble finding this pattern. Whereis it hiding?

tvanwormer said...

Beautiful. What a great pairing -- the pattern and the yarn go nicely.

peacockmom said...


Apologies for misspelling the name of the pattern. It isn't two words like I thought.

This is very easy to knit and the changing colors of the mini mochi keep it from losing my interest.

Glad you like it. :) I think I will go beyond the 42 points and see about using 3 skeins instead of 2 to make it larger and more of a shawlette size for winter.