Sunday, May 15, 2011

Primetime May Joyette

I used DK wt yarn for this 2nd Joyette and it took exactly 3 skeins including using the leftover 8 gms from the shawl to make an i-cord for a closure. I started it on May 10 in the evening and was blocking it on the 15th. I gave the first Joyette to a friend and as I started this one for myself, I realized it was meant for our corgi's vet, Lisa. I think of it as a rose for her from Razzle. It is hard to grow roses where we live because the roos eat them, so this one works great as a hug in rose color from all of us. He is now at peace next to her dog on her farm near us. Fred grabbed some hollyhock seeds from a plant we love and the 3 of us sprinkled them on top of his grave. Amazingly, the flowers are this color instead of our others which are a pale pink.

I'll take a pic of her wearing it when we can finally deliver it most likely next week. This was another case of knitting being therapeutic and healing. I hope she feels the love knit into it.

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tvanwormer said...

This is so wonderful, I am sure that she will cherish it forever.