Friday, September 16, 2011

Prime Time September

Catching up on posts for this month, here's a pair of socks I finished for my granddaughter. My own design. The color contrast could be better. I'll publish the pattern when I reknit with more contrast(y) yarn. On the first sock, I knit the foot with needles too large. I reknit with the same needles I'd used for the cuff, and it looks much better.

The grey yarn is Kroy 4 ply Socks. The contrast is Grundl Hot socks, which had more dark colors than I realized.

I'm working on a SKA challenge, knitting Aragorn socks from Janeke Maat. The yarn is Sushi Sock acquired in a sock club for men. I didn't think that the color or yardage was appropriate for my man, so i knit their pattern in another yarn. Now it's my turn, and I'm keeping these.


adrienne said...

do your grand-daughter's sock meet yardage?

Lorraine said...

Probably not, but I have another pair of socks finished