Monday, September 19, 2011

Send in the Clowns primetime Sept project

I got this terrific pattern designed by our own Adrienne on the 16th and decided to make it immediately. Fred told me it looks like "parrotdaddy socks" so that's what we call them now. I will finish by end of September and probably make a second pair soon.

WONDERFUL pattern which is a lot of fun to knit and quite fast. It just seems to glide off the needles the way the stitch pattern is set up. This is a real winner and is great for breaking up some wild looking yarn. I have a lot of that kind. :)


tvanwormer said...

I love the pattern and color combo. Such happy socks!!

peacockmom said...

Thanks, Tracy. Fred said his foot was happy trying it on and I was certainly happy knitting it.

He can hardly wait to wear the pair to a fly-in as well as his weekly coffee meetings at the hangar. The others now routinely check out his socks. He loves it. :)

YoYo SockSister said...

I do believe that is a must have pattern! Sure shows off the color of your yarn.