Thursday, September 22, 2011

update on the frogged sock

I ran out of the blue and green yarn and decided to let it be the "featured design element" with the interesting stitch used for the leg. I used some skinny bugga in blue lobster color and a smaller needle for the heel flap and remainder of the sock. Fits nicely now and I will take a better pic of it when Fred is wearing them next month.

He said the parrots will be jealous when they see the socks. :)

I plan to make another pair using more of the blue lobster and with a few inches of the green and blue clown stitch repeats as an accent stripe. I'll need to weigh the remaining yarn to make sure I don't run out (again).
I had actually knit the heel flap and turn using the blue green yarn and knew it would be hopeless to try and make them match. This way the heel flap has the stronger yarn and it was very easy to just switch colors at the end of the leg section.
Spent a lot of time at the frog pond lately, but I think the end result is worth it. Ribbit...

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tvanwormer said...

I like the way it came out. And great idea using the stronger yarn for the bottom. Now we shall have to wait until summer to see Fred sporting these with shorts!!