Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crazy Heart

Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!

it...then I hate it....then I decide it would go with a lot of my clothes....and on and on!!!! This was my first attempt at Dyeing.
Cast on:October 2
Finished: November 3
Yarn: Kramer Yarns -- Jeannie --New Color: Fiestaware Dishes used about 410 yds of 420 skein.
Pattern: Tender Heart by Annie Lee

Rav Page: Crazy Heart

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peacockmom said...

I'm LOL because I can relate to how it is with a dyeing project and not knowing if you like it or not. Really nice pattern and I'm betting you'll like this when you wear it. Looks like the colors of Lake Mead and the Grand Canyon to me and would go with a lot of clothes. Colors of nature work that way. :)