Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mitts for October

I test knitted mitts. The pattern was interesting....To help with the process I ended up knitting lets just say a few. Good News....had yarn in stash Better News....Christmas presents crossed off that every growing list.

My sister found this yarn and brought it to me. It is wound on a spool 2 threads together. The yarn is suppose to do a pattern. Not wanting at the time to knit straight socks I tried to use Tiki Tiki. The pattern did not show up very well so for the foot I just knitted away.

Found it interesting how to knit off the spool. That part of this was fun. The fact that the box went with the sock made these not portable.

I also made a few pairs of clogs.......but you have all seen clogs before so not to bore you with pic I will just say....more gifts are complete. That list is getting smaller everyday. Hoping for December to be a me me knit month. MMKM.


peacockmom said...

Why did I KNOW after seeing the volume of the goodies that Debi's name would be at the bottom of the post? LOL As usual, a lot of nice projects being finished while I fiddle with mine. You really are amazing. :)

debi's place said...

Oh thanks. Tunnie, I only wish I would remember to take progress pictures and/or final pictures of what I make. This weekend my grandson got 3 new hats...yes totally forgot progress pics.