Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Happy Lemming

Although I like to think of myself as being original and free-spirited, I must confess that every so often I get sucked into a trend. However, even then, I can fool myself into thinking that I'm following the trend waaaaaay later then everyone else, so I'm not really following a trend because all the trend-followers are busy following something else now.

Does that make any sense to you?

Me neither.

Anyway, I have some lovely, delicious, scrumptious cashmere yarn that's been begging to be knit up into something worthy of such a beautifully simple yarn, and I've finally fallen for it's subtle temptation. (Remember, when pronouncing the word "cashmere", you must draw out the "caaaaaash" part in tones dripping with superiority and smugness. Try it. Just say, "Daaaahling, I just adore that caaaaashmere scarf", and you'll instantly feel richer and more hip.)After browsing for awhile on Ravelry, I decided to follow the lemmings and knit the Clapotis scarf from Knitty.

Let me state, that if being a knitting lemming means doing such great patterns, then that's me, the aloha-lemming. This pattern is fantastic, simple, and easy to memorize.Plus, there's this amazing thing called "dropping a stitch". Now, when you're learning to knit, there is the overwhelming fear and dread of dropping a stitch. This fear continues long after you pass through the beginner stage and enter the "mid-life" of the knitting age. It's a bit like agraphobia - Lord of the Ring sized spiders generally don't lurk under your living room furniture, but we're scared of the possibility that they might be there. This explanation should help non-knitters understand the panic that grips every knitter when they've discovered a dropped stitch.So, when the Clapotis pattern says, "drop the stitch", it brings forth primal urges of panic, disbelief, and (dare I say it?) the fun urge to do something dangerous and naughty. Dropping a stitch for me is akin to another person running around the neighborhood in the dead of winter with only a bikini on. Very exciting and naughty feeling - all from dropping a stitch.

(Yes, I know, I need to get out more.)

~ Yarn Over

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adrienne said...

i have yet to knit a "clap" and i still have no desire to. although, the caaaassh-meere, dahling, is very