Sunday, November 16, 2008

Plugging along

My second pair of Maine Morning Mitts are done. These will definitely be gifted since the colorway seems so very 80's pink (& black). And with the weather being so warm this weekend, I washed all my completed gift knits & have them drying in the shade

Noro Silk Garden colorway #205 - 45 g = approx 110 yd
size 8 bamboo dpns
no mods

I've been restless in trying to decide on my next gift knitting, so I decided to simply cast on for Monkey2's mini-monkey since I am long overdue in making hers. Monkey1's mini-monkey was knit during Blue Moon Fiber Arts Camp Kaw Kaw (sock camp) back in April this year.

Funky Monkey Sock kit
size 5 KP Harmony circs
Typhoon Tina is the main body colorway & the accent will be Harlotty

I should be knitting some cowls or more mitts for my co-workers, but nothing, not even Ravelry, has been inspiring me, so I took inspiration from my knitting buddy, tapmouse2, and started Annie Modesitt's Ruffled Roses Scarf pattern.

I'm not sure if I'll finish this in time for the end of the KAL, so I may end up casting on other gift knits instead. I just need to decide on what yarn to combine with what pattern.

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