Monday, November 17, 2008

Progress & an FO

I knit a cowl for my daughter and I didn't post progress pictures. So this post is going to have the progress and finished photo of the cowl. Hopefully that is OK. I also have a progress shot of a double knit hat I'm making for her.

First up is the progress shot of the cowl.

Here's a shot of the finished cowl.

The cowl fits great and my daughter loves it. I used the Darkside Cowl (Ravelry link). The yarn is Plymouth Galway Paint and the yardage used is 126 yards. The only mod I made was to take out one pattern repeat to make it a little smaller. The cowl is about 8 inches tall.

Here's a progress shot of the hat.

I'm using Doubleknitski using Plymouth Galway Paint and The Unique Sheep Foot Prints. I wasn't sure how well the two yarns would work together for this hat since the Foot Prints sock yarn is only sports weight but surprisingly enough it's working very well. I wanted a softer yarn for the inside of the hat.

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adrienne said...

very pretty and girly!