Saturday, March 7, 2009

custom YFM socks

I finished the custom YFM socks for Fred (Gridiron by Anne Hanson) and he wore them to a fly-in and dazzled the other pilots. I washed them to find that the blue I had dyed didn't run, but the Cascade Heritage red yarn did. Pink stripes mostly washed out by using a bar of soap. The eucalyptus oil in the wool soaps here seems to draw out the color. Fred thinks I got almost all of it out, but Adrienne came up with a great idea which I'll do when he returns from the big air show. I'll cut off the cuffs and knit them again. Seems everything on this pair has to be twice. First I have to wait for the order of more red yarn from the States. I only have 6 gms left of the original and with my luck lately, would probably need more. I do have another colorway which I can use AFTER reskeining and washing it ahead of time. I had to do that with the blue after discovering it ran, but at least I could wash it out before knitting the socks. The socks fit beautifully and he loves wearing them. I'm using an old camera and will take a pic of the air show sock collection and post after my repaired one is returned to me end of March (I HOPE!).


kadezmom said...

They look great!

maz said...

The blue and red are gorgeous colours! Sock as well.

Brenda said...

Nice Socks, I think they remind me of School Socks. Love the colour choices.

What pattern did you use on the leg and foot?

peacockmom said...

Thanks, Brenda. The pattern is called "Gridiron" by Anne Hanson of Knitspots. I didn't change a thing other than using 3 different colors. The heel of this sock is the easiest of any I've knitted and I've been using it when I can.