Thursday, March 5, 2009

Two pairs of socks

One pair finished in February, and one pair in March. Unfortunately I have been offline for a while, due to a transfer from one provider to another. That did not go smoothly, and took longer than expected. In the mean time the flu struck too... had to take a rest from knitting as well.

The first pair is a pair in Panda Soy Ecru, done for the 50 states book that Dr Laura is going to release in June, in coöperation with Crystal Palace Yarns. This is the sock for the state of Tennessee, called Music.

The second pair is done in Trekking XXL 154, and for Alexa. I used 340 yards in this pair, and the rest of the yarn went into the blanket. I still have 20 cm to go to finish the blanket...and boy, that one is getting heavy! (cast on March 1st, finished March 3rd)

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maz said...

I like those socks very much! Great texture!