Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Main Man's Sock Are DONE

AND they've been worn. Does life really get any better than this??? Okay, I'm sure it does. But for a dreary grey mid-twenty degree day, I'm TAKING it and RUNNING!!!

I used about 375 yds of Knitpicks Bare in chestnuts burning over an open fire.

I'm still plugging along on D's birthday sweater and need to snap some other progress pics.

Happy Knitting!


adrienne said...

and which month did you finish these socks, please?

kadezmom said...

I finished them March 2, but if you want to count it as Feb. that's fine. I have another big project on the needles that has been promised by the end of the month.

peacockmom said...

Gorgeous socks! I think Fred will want a pair just like these. :)