Thursday, April 30, 2009

52 Week Challenge

I'm Baaaack... Here they are, felted but still wet. The orange one was supposed to be a pillbox (based on a few patterns seen online), but I ran short of yarn so it is what it is. The black one, based on the (unfelted) Maltese Hat pattern by EZ and reinterpreted by Meg Swansen, will need some adjustments if I try again. It's for a friend's husband who, when he put one of my unfelted slippers on his head as a joke, made me think of a member of the Mongol Horde, and I knew I just had to try and make him a hat. I can't decide if it looks like a Mongol Horde hat, or something one of the Coneheads would wear! :o) While it looks like two flaps, they are actually connected in the back to protect one's neck as well. I should have gotten a pic to show,but didn't think about it until too late. Oh well, no other way to learn unless I try! At least it no longer looks like a bra, right? Anyway, total knit, about 400yds.


adrienne said...

nope, doesn't look like a bra any more. conehead, yes, bra, no! LOL!

mtannie said...

Wait until you see the pic I am about to post, said conehead hat on it's rightful owner!