Friday, May 1, 2009

52 Week Challange - Debbie (Grandma 07)

I've decided to use Panda Silk in color 3010 for my May project. I cast on this pair of Glynis socks this morning.


peacockmom said...

Lovely and SO elegant in the silk. Is this a pattern in your sock madness group? Looks like a future contender in the awards category for sure. :)

peacockmom said...

Ahh..just remembered it is in the book by Cookie. Sure is pretty in the Panda Silk. I need to get some of that for a couple of Adrienne's patterns for sure. :)

grandma07 said...

Thanks :) Yes, this pattern is from the new Sock Innovations book by Cookie A. Their are a few new to me stitches in this pattern that are keeping me on my toes, but it's really an easy knit overall.