Sunday, April 26, 2009

52-Week for April

Hi here is the last hat for April. It is for Katie because she will not take it off! Katie is actually wearing the hat inside out because she did not like the ridge pattern. So, I took one flat and me wearing it (that was goofy to photograph while wearing it! Not flattering of my upper arms either!) So, 722 yards total. (Not including the two traveling scarves.)
And question for the masters of this site. My daughter is wearing an adult size hat now! I have told her since she was a baby with 90% head size that God gave her too many brains! But, how do I do hats to fit? Is the hat size measurement above the forehead around the back? And if I have to eventually make it bigger- how do I do this on a patterned hat? I want to make the Grace Lace Hat on Ravelry. Thanks, your sock mastery humbles this newbie knitter! (That is why my name on Ravelry is Knit-Frog-Knit!) I spend too much time in the frog pond! Alas, I am entering a sock war for fun and going to knit (re-try) a pair on socks for me. Wish me blessings on even starting the thing before being killed!


peacockmom said...

Katie looks adorable in that hat which certainly looks custom made for her. You've inspired me to make a hat now. When Georgia Peach sees Katie, I know she will want one for this winter.
Good luck on the socks. It is a wonderful adventure. Keep good notes and stick with a well known designer--especially in the beginning. Then you can adapt future patterns to fit your feet/heel even better. :)

mtannie said...

Oops, I gave my thoughts on how to expand a hat pattern on your April 19th post instead of this one, so check there. I forgot one other thing I do when I make a hat bigger. I check other patterns to see if they have a decrease that will work with my expanded pattern (with the new number of stitches I am using). Sometimes I can figure it out on my own, but if I can't, that's where I head first.