Monday, June 15, 2009

52 Week Challenge - MAZ

What is on my needles now: A pair of Palazzo in a tweedy yarn. Just to test the pattern written now in German. The original sock was knit up in 2006. What you see is the reverse side of the heel turn, made to last long and meet the challenge of my weight :-)
Before you ask: Yes, it is a conventional construction. From time to time I still do such things...

I love the yarn, it is so soft and I will dye some for my very first booth at a craft fair this weekend.

Here is a wollen yarn with long colourruns in natural shades of grey. My Winter shawl/stole to match my grey coat.

It will be shaped like some of the Scandinavian shawls you can sling around endlessly.


kadezmom said...

Wow, I love that shawl....I don't suppose you'd write up and sell the pattern? It looks lovely. I live in Minnesota, so that would be a great addition to my closet (and a great way to avoid a coat!)

maz said...

If you want I will write it down. It´s not a pattern, it´s more of a recipe and will be free. I don´t like to hand down traditions by selling them.
The stitch is easy-peasy and and the rest is so as well. You can do it in any pattern that you like.
Just give me time to do it. Next week, after the market, will be best.
Please, don´t hesitate to remind me. I am old now.
And a big thnak you for all the kind words.

kadezmom said...

Oh, darlin, I can wait. Thanks so much. It just popped out at me as a HAVE to vs a WANT to :D Goood luck with your craft fair this weekend.

kadezmom said...

Hey Darlin'~~~~

Would you mind scribbling out that pattern for me? I could use a shawl I could sling around endlessly this coming fall! I'll bribe if you tell me the price? (wiggles eyebrows conspiratorially)