Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Yarn project by Katie 52-week for Jody, June.

Here is my progress picture with my yarn winnings! It is the "what's it?" shall-scarf thingie on the CPY site. This is my last day of school. I got a perfect attendacnce award too. I want to go to the beach and have fun this summer. and I want to knit a hat for my coach in KOB (kidddz on the block.) Plus, I want toteach my friends how to knit. Bye,
Here is my progress for June too. I could not get Katie to smile. Probably because her shawl is on the worst needles EVER! We can not afford needles to replace them. Darin has been off work since December. But, we still have no credit card debt, (and only a small house payment.) Plus, I coupon like I knit, so I save a lot on groceries. Want to do a pair of Zebra stripes socks on another site. And I am saving up. We will see if I can afford it. The KAL starts in July (1st.) Gotta get Katie to school for her last day! Yeah, maybe sleep in tomorrow! And Nathan is in his Big-boy bed! Sorry for the chatter but I just love you guys! You are all like my knitting family. I try to explain to my hubby but he does not get it. He just shakes his head. Oh well, I gotta find some guy patterns for socks. But, I need to finally make a pair for me now, yeah.


adrienne said...

hi katie;

your project looks wonderful; even though you are trying to knit with yucky needles.

ps to jody: i guess you don't have any circs in the right size?

jdhforjc said...

They are on a project that i will finish up in a day or so. But, I think i will give her the good ones. The picture is actually old. She has gotten farther. And I do not want her discouraged either!