Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have been knitting.

I have been knitting but much of it has been test knitting that I can not show for months. So here is the best I can do.
The starts to the blue yarn is a test knit, the redish yarn is a pair of winter house socks not yet finished.
The is the start to a baby hat, as is the next picture. Also another pair of booties requested by a family member, the pink cuffs on the booties does not show well.
My baby hats. Always wanted to make the strawberry hat. Was fun.
I had left over buttons from a quilt for a Kindergarten teacher so added them to the hat. Hidden are the yellow buttons and a red button on top. No pattern just winged it. Buddy loved the attention. These 2 hats are going to a charity auction.
The completed blue socks from above.
A bag I was able to test knit. I did not get a progress picture.

Brown socks I test knitted but did not take a progress picture. Well pattern is such that no other part of these socks could I show.Wow all these have been finished this month. I did not know how much I had done until I posted it. There is another pair of test knitted socks but the pattern is such that I can not show any part of them until Sept. Oh and there is a baby sweater that I have not blocked yet. So I guess I have been knitting even though I thought I had not.

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jdhforjc said...

We love BUDDY!
Katie, Jody and Nathan