Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Anything Goes socks and mitts

The fingerless mitts are "Green Thumb" by Diana Foss and a very fast knit using Merino Magic. Pattern says 150 yds. Fred really likes them on cold mornings here.
The socks are Anne Hanson's "Luxor" pattern in Crystal Palace bamboo wool Neptune color. This photo doesn't do them justice. The yarn is just gorgeous and has many subtle colors that have a slight shimmer in the sun. The pattern says 450 yds, but I used 2 1/2 balls which works out to 465 yds. This pair seemed to take a long time to knit compared to the Menehunes. I'm finishing the first sock tonight and so am happy they will be ready to post for July AND Fred's birthday. I have had to order some Wilton's frosting dye to get some red and blue yarn that won't run for the tour de France project. I sure envy you knitters up there that can just get yarn without a lot of fuss. The other yarns I have dyed using Ashford dyes have run into the white section so it will be worth the wait.


adrienne said...

fred, "the hand and foot model". too bad you didn't have a shawl to drape around his shoulders too!


kadezmom said...

I like these too.

peacockmom said...

LOL about the shawl. I'll be sure to keep that in mind when he models the Menehunes. One sock finished, 2nd one will post in early July. I'll see how I can "embellish" that picture. :)

drlaura said...