Saturday, June 27, 2009

Tour de France Start maz

Today it is hot and sticky. Good for enjoying the weekend while sitting in the shade and knitting. Diving through my stash showed that I had the prize from last year´s KAL still in its box.
Tadah: I have begun my first CPY socks!
Are they green and would they qualify for the TdF KAL?

While knitting and sipping cold water and juice I found it was time to dye some special TdF yarn for me. The colours are not very true, but you get the idea, a deep maizy yellow and a deep olive along with a lighter olive tone are now drying and will be knit into TdF socks from next week on.


kadezmom said...

Love the dye job!

adrienne said...

cute sock. i have emailed laura to decide if the color is green enough to qualify for tdf...otherwise, you will be set for the 52 week kal!

adrienne said...

laura said "not green" enough! sorry. at least you have a great start for your july -52 week entry!