Monday, July 6, 2009

More about the Tour de France

****This year's tour starts in Monaco - remember Princess Grace Kelly? so is supposed to be a big deal*****

Hi folks
i hosted a Tour de France KAL on a separate blog last year and we had a lot of fun- with prizes from Crystal Palace yarns.

background - my husband loves cycling and got me into watching it also. of course that was at the time when an American Hero, Lance Armstrong, was on a major winning streak - he beat testicular cancer to come back and win a 3 week!! bike tour over mountains 7 [seven!] times in a row.
lance is back after 2+ yrs off, and a broken collar bone, with his PlanetArmstrong on the web, and his Livestrong special site to help fight cancer. so regardless of win or lose, he's doing something to help folks

for 3 wks these guys will ride their bikes up and down hills and steep mountains. watching them makes you amazed.

Yellow for Race Winner [each stage winner gets it for a day and then final winner]

Green for Sprint Winner [fastest across the line - who may or may not have best total time]

Red and White for Mountain winner [they get points to be the first atop]

White for best young rider

and SPECIAL for you.... option to declare a country and knit a country-colored sock.... so R/W/B for us and R/G/Black for germany, etc

................ we will give away at least 1 prize, but how many prizes DEPENDS on how many join in! more prizes if you get more folks to KAL!!

by the way... Teams are NOT based on countries- they're international!!

1. there is NO team USA - columbia/highroad [great Brit rider Mark Cavendish] and garmin are usa based, with a lot of usa riders and many non-usa riders

2. our hero Lance Armstrong (USA) is riding for team Astana, which is from Kazakstan, [unless they fail to pay their bills again] so you have to get used to faves from your country on another team....

LOL, you might google some countries flags to find colors you like!


Ruby Louise said...

A quick note on the jersey designations: the yellow jersey is actually worn by the overall race leader throughout the entire TdF. Winners of individual stages don't wear the yellow jersey unless they're also the overall race leader.

jdhforjc said...

I think you all are going to get me hooked on TdF as well as NASCAR!

kadezmom said...

Oh are in TROUBLE if you like Nascar, then your gonna love'll see why. I can't explain it....but it lends itself to the same passion if you let yourself into it.

Julie said...

It is Tour de France time again already?, that is what I get for not keeping up on this blog on a regular basis. Is it too late to join?