Monday, July 6, 2009

a link to Tour de france video


this year you can watch a lot of short clips of the race online.

after stage 1's start in Monaco, our hero Lance was #10, and Fabian Cancellara -spain was #1

then in stage 2 the amazing Brit, from isle of Manx, Mark Cavendish won stage 2 as sprinter.

from short clips today, there was a fierce wind and the pelleton was split up. as a result, Lance
is up at #3 now.


kadezmom said...

thanks for the links!

My girls are now getting hooked. As we were watching the morning (taped) version.....we realized that we didnt' have the end...and versus was right about where we needed them to be on their first 2 hour edited coverage....and they STAYED to watch! (and this was while they were waiting to get the tv back for america's top model!) Amazing!

Breien in Lansingerland said...

We usually watch the live coverage on tv. With the beautiful scenery there it is like a mini vacation to us...