Monday, July 6, 2009

Tour de France Prizes

First, you can find out more about the Tour here TourDeFrance
or also google for PLANET ARMSTRONG and learn about teams and riders. Lance's channel has lots of little videos

here's a link FLAGSoftheWORLD so you can find a flag to match your yarn! LOL!
example - the flag for Antarctica is Blue & White

Bhutan is yellow, gold and white...

At present, with only 10 "riders" in our KAL, we will give ONE prize.

what i want to do is offer several prizes as we did last year! so get more folks to PLAY! and there are MORE prizes and more opportunities to win!!

we will have a "knit in Crystal Palace Yarns" special category too if a few more folks join - OK?

6/30: as of today; we have 22 "bikers"! so two prizes plus a special members vote for favorite cpy project!


kadezmom said...

OMG - you have me so laughing, I love your theory. Maybe if I find time after the green (after all, that's the sprint color!) Kazakastan..if they pay their bills.

Actually, since Lance has been gone, I've found several riders I pull unless I plan on making an autism awareness scarf........

Oh wait, I have another idea........but we'll have to wait to see if it hits fruition.

I'm too tired. TIme to shut up and go to bed!


kadezmom said...

Is somebody going to kill me if we change my country to surprise???? (I'm greening it anyway)

adrienne said...

dang, jody! i looked through all the flags and didn't find one rainbow one. what's wrong with this picture? ok. la-la land has a rainbow flag!!!! YES!!!!!!!!

drMolly, the BeanQueen said...

OK, you have one more person joining - see earlier comments on other entries.
oh yes I'm going with yellow - have some luscious AppleLaine sock yarn

kadezmom said...

ROFLMAO.........get out of my head Adrienne......I was singing that song too...and then to find it on the side bar....PRICELESS!

jdhforjc said...

Okay, so there is an Italy peace flag spelled out PACE. Under I googled -rainbow flag - then Italy peace flags. I will beg Laura but she already said maybe I can save it for something else. How come my Mochi keeps being put back in my stash?

peacockmom said...

Adrienne, we live on what is known as the "rainbow coast" in Oz. The Aussie flag is also blue, white and red, so my socks work for either country. However, remember that peacock colors are the chosen ones for "la la land". I just might see if I can dye some yarn and knit a pair to represent the kingdom of Razzlevania (Razzle Dazzle is our corgi) who is the supreme leader of all the peacocks (here in la la land of the deep south) and herds them around the house. I need my own pair of Thuja socks in peacock colors.