Tuesday, June 30, 2009


First of all I have a wonderful honery fur-baby named Norman. Norman sleeps in the bed with dh and me. Night before last Norman kept getting out of bed and getting into something and we didn't know what. Unfortunately we were too lazy to get up and turn the light to see what he was getting into. He had gotten into my knitting bag and taken the dbl pt needles out of my KAL sock and unraveled a good portion of, getting his favorite toy tangled in the yarn.

I started over againg yesturday.

I was about to start the gussett just now and found a dropped stitch way back in the toe of the sock. Yup, gotta frog and start over again!

Why do I keep getting knocked off my "bike"?

Jan Miraglio


adrienne said...

come on down and sit by me. don't forget to bring a glass. i will introduce you to all my "friends" down here at the frog pond.

ya gotta love norman!!!!!!!!

kadezmom said...


I feel your pain. A year ago my dog ate somebody's birthday present and felt free to bite my fav addi turbo cord into pieces. Nothing like some love from "man's best friend"! Hop back in the saddle, we'll put some of that spray bandage on ya and give you a push back down the road.