Saturday, July 4, 2009

52-week for June

Hi, finally had time to post finished pictures for June. I used Happy Feet yarn and the Barcelona pattern (on the SockWarsIV ravelry site.) I wish the zig/zags would show up better in the pictures. I did one even tried one outside. The color is actually closer to the two inside pictures. Deep shades of red and burgundy. I loved the pattern, totally not boring. I am also entering it in our local fair. Do not think it will win but I thought it would be fun. So, with this any the cotton chenille dishcloth pair I have the required amount of yardage! I hope everyone has a great Fourth of July weekend!


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mtannie said...

Wow, those are yummy! I love the color! I can see a bit of zig-zag, especially in your 2nd photo. Do I have to sign up for sock wars to get just the pattern?