Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tour de France starts

Here is a start for "Bergtrikot 09" -best climber. Trekking Tweed in undyed and red. There will be a surprise in the cuff if I manage to do what I plan, LOL.

A second start is "Sunflower" for overall lead - yellow jersey. This is the yellow dyed yarn from the last post. My husband wants to get the socks. I wonder if he actually wants to wear yellow socks?
For a national flag I will be proud to go with ours. It´s black, red and gold, so at least must not be fluorescent yellow, but perhaps dark old golden shimmer. One has to accept a challenge, or?


adrienne said...

you go, maz!!!!!!!!

kadezmom said...

work it, woman, WORK IT!!! The socks look great!