Tuesday, August 11, 2009

mystery sock kal update

good news! i've finished writing up all the clues. YAY for me! the clues will be emailed to the addy you used to sign up for the blog. if you want me to use a different addy, please let me know so i can change it.

and because i've managed to get this all written up sooner than i expected, howsabout we kick-start the mystery a few days earlier?

schedule for clues:
clue 1: aug 21
clue 2: aug 24
clue 3: aug 28
clue 4: sept 2
clue 5: sept 7

finished pairs of socks must be posted to the blog by wednesday, sept 30th (or at least by the time i wake up on october 1st) in order to qualify for the prize drawings.

how many prizes? well, that will depend on how much encouragement you give your fellow mystery kal knitters to finish their socks. the MORE socks, the MORE winners!! susan will donate one prize (2 skeins of yarn -winner's choice of yarn and color) for every 10 pairs of socks finished. in addition, there will be a special drawing for those who knit their socks using crystal palace yarn!

someone has asked about doing 2 socks at once on magic loop or 2 circs. i would recommend against this as there will be some shuffling of the stitches but it will be up to you!

so, are you all ready to RUMBLE?!!!

don't mind me...just too much wrestling...LOL!


peacockmom said...

HOORAY!!!!!! I'm definitely ready to rumble. Now if I could just get you to send the first clue on the 21st HERE down under (20th for you up there), I'd be even happier! Greedy little monster, aren't I? :)

Gale warnings here today and a good time to stay inside and knit by a fire.

Happy knitting to all of you "up over".

kadezmom said...

yeah, that rumble was my tummy when you said *shuffling* of stitches!

I can't wit and I'm really really excited now and THANK YOU for going a week earlier! You're helping me fight the fair madness disease that strikes this time every year.

SIde note: if a selling point to your house is that you won't have to worry about finding a place to park during the county fair......deeply consider what that will mean!

jdhforjc said...

Blessings in the weather "down under" and fair madness. We are in it here too. And yeah for the earlier start. More time to finish it under the deadline.

Calophi said...

Haha, this would be my first pair of socks, and I'm doing a mystery shawl as well, so there is no way I will be getting a prize, but at least it should be fun to attempt!

adrienne said...

prizes will be awarded by random drawing.

this is your first pair of socks?! brave girl.