Wednesday, September 16, 2009

52-week september and mystery sock!

Hi, had to stop on the socks and do a dishcloth and scrubbie for my MIL's birthday. I used tulle cut into 1 inch strips and Peaches and Creme. The tulle is kind of rough to work with but after you use these for the first time you will be hooked and need to make your own for you. I know it is crochet but I have not found a pattern for a circle in knitting that I like (any ideas?) After both circles are done they are put together. My MIL loves them and they clean all of our pots without damaging them (plus they are machine washable.) I no longer buy sponges but make my own! So much cheaper and cuter too. Super fast project I will probably finish them in a day or so. I will add the yardage on the finished project. Then, back to the socks and a dishcloth set for my Aunt Judy who is moving soon.

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