Saturday, September 19, 2009

I'm several days behind the front knitters.....

...but I am finished. The sock on the left is what I did when it did not occur to me that Adrienne is a genius. I know, I could (should?) have taken it to the frog pond, BUT every time I wear these socks, I will remember that over thinking things is not always the best solution. Don't worry, Adrienne, I'm not putting them up like this on Ravelry....I have a different shot for that.

Thanks for hosting such a fun and beautiful kal. I'm sure I'll be knitting these socks again in more colors.

I used Maizy in an old color called tan suede.



adrienne said...

lol! i gotta love this pair! it's making me laugh!

kadezmom said...

Oh good. I'm glad it can bring you does me too....can't take things too seriously or you can really mess things up :D