Friday, September 18, 2009

belated knit items to show you

these are in Mochi-+, a long gauntlet wrister, about 3/4 up arm [want to do a longer one] and a matching hat .
used the rainbow colorway for the hat and gauntlet.
LOL, any guesses on which came first, hat or gauntlet?

here's a 2nd hat, using two colorways - babyface and jungle. it's gauntlet is next and will go up to elbow i think.



kadezmom said...

fun stuff, Dr. Laura! :D

Cathy said...

Very pretty!!

adrienne said...

a chicken or the egg trick, huh?!

my guess is the "YARN!!!!" nyuk-nyuk!

peacockmom said...

Very nice and I sure am looking forward to using the different Mochi yarns some day. I'd love to have the long gauntlet on my arms right now. Still very cold here for our Spring.