Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sarah's Mystery Socks

I knit these out of ShiBui yarn (SockC anime) on Addi 1 circular needles doing two socks on two circulars. I ended up changing the toe design (still not sure I'm totally liking it) and using the plain heel. I also knit with 70 stitches to begin for the leg, but decided to switch to 60 stitches for the foot. If I do it again I'll be using 60 stitches for both. I have size 9.5 women's feet, but they are narrow.

Thanks for creating the design. I enjoyed the design even if I had to take them off my needles twice to work as a test knitter on another sock pattern.



adrienne said...

they look great and i love the color you used!

i see you took the design down to the very tipsies of the toesies. if you don't like them, you could frog back and reknit the toes.

i always have a pitcher of something down by the frog pond. just bring a glass! :D

i am amazed that you finished these and did some testknits too.

peacockmom said...

Beautiful! They look like my peacocks. :) I also used 70 sts on the 1st attempt and Adrienne told me the pattern was stretchy and that the garter stitch on the cuff made a big difference in fitting over my larger calf compared to very skinny foot.
I ended up doing the 60 st size and they surprised me by fitting fine. I did tweak the heel by using a smaller needle just for the flap for my narrow heel.
I think your socks are great.