Sunday, September 20, 2009

mystery sock and 52-week September update.

Hi, well I am soo behind! But, knitting hard! Here is the first sock for the KAL. I used Happy Feet on 2.25mm square needles. I love this pattern but I scream around row 7 to 10 of the leg pattern. I keep making it harder than it is (rather than trusting the pattern.) I thought the second was going to be the same but I am fighting this part. It will clear up in another few rows. Plus, I tried to knit at church today, WRONG thing to do. The President of Compassion Intl. spoke today and I cried all over my sock to speed the blocking process. But, I need to rip a row because I was not paying attention to what I was doing! I hope you all have a great day!
My sock is more of the correct color in the picture with my big calves (or one calf!)

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