Saturday, October 31, 2009

Socks finished

I finished the blue socks in time. The birthday was Oct. 30. I finished the socks Oct. 29. I see the granddaughter tomorrow, Nov.1.

Yarn: Bernat Sox - Blue Hot
Pattern: my own. I probably will offer it for sale.
Needles: US #2/2.75mm

I've almost finished a Christmas stocking for my great grand daughter. Her name is Rayven Rose. Here's an in progress picture. I should avoid bright sunlight for photos. This is #27 in the family series. Each one is different. Matching is no problem!

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peacockmom said...

Blue socks are lovely, but the Christmas stocking is spectacular! What an heirloom for your lucky great granddaughter. Wonderful bird and rose for her name. Gives me chills and a BIG grin thinking she will have this the rest of her life and that you designed and knit it for her.
Cheers from roo land-