Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holiday KAL - Brenda (Owlsrook)

Here are both the in progress picture and the completed project picture of a Cabled Headband I did up for a quick stocking stuffer gift. Took me a couple of hours to night tonight while watching TV. Did this out of some stash Worsted Weight yarn
I had.

I have completed a couple of projects that can't be shown, (Test knitting) and another "Naughty Deer" Hat for a friend who wanted one for her husband for Christmas.
(won't post that photo in polite company), but those on ravelry will know which pattern it is.

I was working on my Lagoon Pond scarf (previously posted in progress photo), but last night decided I didn't like the yarn with that pattern so I frogged the entire thing, and will use a different pattern for the yarn. I will do the Lagoon Pond scarf again but in a plain colour so that it shows off better.

So that's it for me so far, now back to finishing my November KAl sock.



Calophi said...

Fornicating deer hat FTW! =D Someday I will get good enough at fair isle to do it.

adrienne said...

come on down to the frog pond with your glass! put your feet up and sit a while. haven't you met the frogs before?

...that's debi, debbie, deb, debra, :o}

Brenda said...

It's been awhile since I visited the Frog Pond, but every once in awhile it's necessary to stop by and rearrange the lily pads.

Brenda in Alberta