Thursday, November 5, 2009

Time flies when your knitting......

Wow where to start. Well I get in trouble for not posting so will post some.
Adrienne had more projects than me and as she said that is not right as I usually have more so grab a cuppa your favorite drink.

I agreed to spend the month of October knitting Christmas gifts for someones to give to to their families. Well part of the month so will start with gifts others are giving away.

Start of a scarf. My pattern.
A hat and scarf start. Hat is Tab Hat on Rav. Scarf again my pattern.
Clog progress pictures.

Finished scarves and some clogs. These clogs will be given away unfelted. I love the look on peoples face when they get them and wonder what the heck....

Just a few more of the clogs I have done. All but 2 pair are going to far away places for presents.

The felted purse all deco'ed out ready for a little girl to take shopping. Shown in 2 pictures I know but it is cute.

Hanna's clogs. These are gone so I can not show a felted picture. But going to a 2 year old. Dang cute I think. Yarn was from her Grandma's stash.
I test knitted some socks that I can not show yet. So I did the Adrienne photo opt for them.
Don't ya just think they are soooo pretty. Notice the fancy..oh sorry guess I will have to post these later to show the cuffs.
OH just 2 of the shawl starts I did.

Oh and I did finish them. Top one is Dream in Color Baby. This baby is big.
Noro silk Garden. Shawl was made from yarn a friend gave me. But, I thought this friend needed a hug so I made a shawl from the yarn and gave it back to her.

I also finished a test knit shawl I started a while ago. I may not have put up a progress picture. (progress pictures take away from knitting time lol) First shawl I have made using Zephyr.

And then.........Drum roll.....................
Adrienne's mystery socks done "MY WAY". I had problems with my bead holes. I like them. Adrienne is still shaking her head about them.


peacockmom said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!! You HAVE been busy!!!
I bet I'm not the first to say I'll be happy to send you yarn. LOL
What a lucky friend to have you give her a hug through knitting her yarn. It sure is a beauty.

What pattern is it? Looks like a tricky one, but beautiful. :)

debi's place said...

The shawl is really quite easy. The pattern is Traveling Light Shawl.

Brenda said...

Wow, all I can say it there must be a lot of naked sheep out there somewhere.

That little purse is adorable, and once again I have shawl envy.

Brenda in Alberta

adrienne said...


is she done yet?!


ikkinlala said...

You sure get a lot done!

I love that green shawl.